about cat


Photo by Alex Evans Photography

I've always been a lover of movement and the arts. As a kid, I spent most of my time either in a dance studio, at gymnastics or in piano & cello lessons. I felt most at home when expressing myself through movement. As I aged, I had such a difficult time imagining a linear path from college to working a "typical day job". I feel blessed that my parents encouraged me and all four of my other siblings to forge our own paths. I earned my BFA in modern dance performance from University of the Arts, where I was honored and awarded for my creative and unique choreographic voice. Unfortunately, the competitive culture in the dance world contributed to damaging body image issues and dulled my passion and drive to pursue dancing professionally. It only makes sense that I discovered yoga at this time, when I needed it the most. 

I started practicing restorative yoga in 2005 at OM Yoga in NYC as a way to heal and learn acceptance and compassion towards myself. Not so long afterwards I met my first teacher, Alanna Kaivalya, who opened my eyes to the kind of impact yoga could have on one's life. She started to crack the hardened shell of emotional protection that I had built for myself and truly helped me to move through some majorly difficult challenges in my life. She is the reason I became a yoga teacher and I'm forever grateful for her presence in my life.


Since then, I've been most impacted by the incredibly spirited teachings of Abbie Galvin and Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga. I've learned so much about physicality through the brilliant sequencing of Jenn Perry and Chad Dennis, co-founders of Roam Los Angeles, where I'm proud to teach. Other incredibly impactful teachers that I've learned so much from on my path are Carrie Owerko, Tias Little and Noah Maze. 

I'll always be fascinated with understanding how my personal happiness is linked to comfort and confidence within my body. Yoga will continue to be my practice for longevity, humility and acceptance. No other form of movement has allowed me the space to explore this idea like my yoga practice has. It's my goal to help others use their breath, body and consciousness to obtain a deeper, more meaningful connection with themselves and others around them in a generous and kind way.

I'm also passionate about teaching expecting moms during their sacred transition into motherhood. I've written the prenatal content for Yoga Vida NYC's 200 & 300-hr training programs. With love, I continue to grow my abilities to assist those people bringing life into the world so they may have the most peaceful and uplifting experience possible. 

And finally, the biggest heartfelt shoutout to my pups Winnie & Bogart, and the two greatest loves of my life - my beloved daughter, Everly, and my husband, Jon, who both teach me about unconditional love every single day.